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Title:             A Low-cost Compact Diffuse Speckle Contrast Flow-oximeter for Neonatal Brain Monitoring

Sponsor:     NIH 1R21HD091118                                        02/10/2018-01/31/2020

PI:                Guoqiang Yu


Title:            Spatially Resolved Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy for Cerebral Blood Flow Monitoring in Mouse Stroke Model

Sponsor:     AHA Grant-In-Aid #16GRNT30820006              07/01/2016-06/30/2018

PI:                Guoqiang Yu


Title:            RII Track 2 FEC: Innovative, Broadly Accessible Tools for Brain Imaging, Decoding, and Modulation

Sponsor:     NSF EPSCoR                                                   08/01/2015-07/31/2019

Role:            Co-I (Yu)

MPIs:           Sridhar Sunderam, University of Kentucky; Walt Besio, University of Rhode Island; Lei Ding, University of Oklahoma


Title:            Intraoperative Imaging of Mastectomy Skin Flap for the Guidance of Breast Reconstruction

Sponsor:     National Endowment for Plastic Surgery Grant     07/01/2017-06/30/2019

Co-PIs:        Lesley Wong, Guoqiang Yu


Title:            Vitamin D Contribution to Muscle Metabolic Function in the Elderly

Sponsor:     NIH R21 AG046762-02                                    08/20/2014-06/30/2018

Role:            Co-I (Yu)

PI:                Thomas Travis


Title:             University of Kentucky Center for Cancer and Metabolism

Sponsor:       NIH COBRE #1P20GM121327                           03/01/2017-12/31/2021

Role:                 Co-I (Yu)

PI:                Daret St. Clair


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